There is nothing more efficient than a down jacket when it comes to balancing a variety of requirements: light weight, high thermal insulation, small volume for packing and carrying. and longevity. These properties are ensured by the structure of down insulation, which consists of separate fibres that under normal conditions remain separate, but easily link together under compression. However, in order to increase the lifespan of your down jacket it is important to take proper care of it.

According to GOST 30332-95 standard (GOST R 50576-93), products with down and feather insulation should not be washed and ironed. Therefore, if there is little dirt, only the dirtiest areas should be washed (sleeves, sides, collars, pockets) using warm water and gentle detergents. This will not let the down get wet, since the outer material of the jacket and the down have a waterproof coating.

It is recommended to fully wash a down jacket only when absolutely necessary. If you nevertheless decide to wash the whole down jacket, set the washing machine to a delicate cycle at a temperature of 30C and use special detergents that do not contain bleaching substances. You should not pre-soak your down jacket prior to washing. Before the washing, you should remove the fur trim and hood, join the sleeves together and secure Velcro fasteners. Also, do up the zips and buttons as zip fabric might get deformed and affect the quality of the fastening. When buttons are unfastened, the place of buttons is subjected to deformation as well. You should also turn the down jacket inside out and wash it separately from other items.

Remember that down absorbs cleaning detergent well, but it is difficult to remove it. Therefore, in order to avoid soap stains on the fabric, the jacket needs additional rinsing. After the main wash, run through a second and third rinse cycles to fully remove any remaining detergent.

Spinning of the jacket is performed at high speed of the drum. After the spin-drying, place the jacket on a hanger and dry in a warm room or outdoors in hot weather, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Do not dry the jacket on or near heating appliances (central heating radiators and electric heaters).

After drying, a down jacket must be hung for airing, shaking it vigorously from time to time. The smell of wet down that appears during washing will disappear after airing.

Do not iron, but you can apply steam in a gentle mode.

Store down jackets in dry, well-ventilated place and in a clean state. It is not recommended to store them next to things with a strong odor, as down is likely to absorb it.

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