• When washing, the temperature of the washing solution must correspond to the type of fabric the jacket is made of and the type of washing powder
  • An exactly appropriate type of washing should be applied for each jacket
  • Do not wash the jacket longer than necessary, especially when machine washing
  • Wash coloured jackets separately from white ones, and delicate jackets separately from any other items
  • If the marking label of the jacket is missing, it is better to take this jacket to a dry cleaner
  • Liquid detergents should be used for delicate jackets
  • Stains are removed before washing and bleaching
  • Do not wash your jacket if it is recommended not to; for example, a suede jacket can shrink by three sizes
  • Clean jackets from artificial leather with a damp cloth
  • Wash rubber jackets with a brush in soapy water


Washing with boiling. Cotton and linen items, white or coloured, resistant to boiling.

Washing in hot water at 60°C. For items that are not resistant to boiling, for example, thin garments made of cotton or polyester fabrics.

Washing with neutral detergents in warm water at a maximum temperature of 40°C. For example, a dark coloured or colourful items made of cotton, polyester and melange fabrics, thin garments made of viscose and synthetic fibers.

Washing with neutral detergents in cold water at a maximum temperature of 30°C. For example, wool that can be washed in the washing machine (gentle washing)

Hand-wash only. Do not rub, do not wring tightly. Textile items that cannot be washed in the washing machine. Washing temperature 30°C — 40°C due to the characteristics of the item.

Do not wash. Items with this sign cannot be washed. They should be dry cleaned.

Can be washed

Gentle wash. Carefully adhere to the specified temperature, do not subject it to strong mechanical processing, during spinning - slow centrifuge mode.

Delicate wash. A large amount of water, minimal mechanical processing, quick rinse.


Drying and spinning

Can be dried.

Do not dry (used with Do Not Wash).

Can be spin-dried in the washing machine and tumble dried

Do not squeeze and tumble dry

Do not wring.

Dry at low temperature.

Dry at medium temperature.

Dry at high temperature.

Gentle spin and drying.

Delicate spin and drying.

Vertical drying.

Dry without spinning.

Dry on a horizontal surface.

Dry in the shade.


Bleaching and dry cleaning

Dry cleaning.

Do not dry clean.

Dry cleaning with any solvent.

Cleaning using hydrocarbon, ethylene chloride, monoflotrichloromethane.

A line under a circle with a letter indicates gentle cleaning.

Cleaning using hydrocarbon and triflotrichloromethane.

A line under a circle with a letter indicates gentle cleaning.

Can be bleached.

Do not bleach, do not use chlorine-based detergents and detergents with bleaches.

Can be bleached using chlorine.

Bleach only without chlorine.



Can be ironed.

Do not iron.

Iron at high temperature (up to 200°C). Cotton, linen, wet textile. Steaming is possible only in this mode.

Iron at medium temperature (up to 150°C). Cotton, silk, wool, polyester, viscose. Iron over a slightly damp cloth or with steam.

Iron at low temperature (up to 110°С). Synthetic fabrics: polyacryl, polyamide, polyester, acetate.

Do not steam.


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