Perfect clothes for a teenager - mission accomplished!

The choice of style for a teenager is an important factor for the formation of their inner world.  

It is an attempt to demonstrate individual preferences not only in fashion, but also in life.  

The unpredictable decisions of teenagers demonstrate their emerging personality, which is why their choices should be respected.

It is essential for teenage boys to be part of a group, have a degree of authority in it, and look just as good as their peers! It is during this time that boys begin to really think about their wardrobe. In teenage fashion, every detail matters!  

For a teenager, clothing is the first way to say “I'm one of you!”, and it is up to the parents is to help him do that.  

BLACK VINYL designers have thought of everything: adjustable cuffs, a removable hood, built-in headphones, a windproof strap with buttons and magnets.

In this collection you can find any style solutions, the most daring colors and cuts.

All fabrics used in this collection feature breathable, water-repellent impregnation. These are practical and comfortable jackets ideal for everyday wear.

The variety of models and design solutions and the presence of functional details allows any teenager and his parents to make the right choice.

BLACK VINYL outerwear is the obvious choice for modern youth. They will feel part of the group, no matter where they go.


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