BLACK VINYL CITY CLASSIC - timeless fashion!  

While fashion is ever changing, some trends prove to stand the test of time. A classic style is always certain to suit any man.  

This style is chosen not only by businessmen, but also by representatives of artistic and intellectual professions. The truly successful always maintain a carefully selected wardrobe.  

BLACK VINYL Classic Collection are lines and patterns proven by time and trusted by customers.   

BLACK VINYL CITY CLASSIC collection meets all international standards, has a selection of suitably discrete colors combined with elegant strict-line silhouettes. These products are made using only the highest quality materials and will fit any dress code. The jacket will last as long as its owner, while maintaining its attractive appearance over time.  

A classic style outfit is a great way for a man to get noticed and highlight his position in society.  

This clothing will give you confidence and help you make an impression on your business partners, while letting you effortlessly enjoy the success and comfort!  


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