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New collection Spring/Summer 2017 in our Beijing office from September 1!

BLACK VINYL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fashionable men’s outerwear for Asian, European, and American markets headquartered in Beijing, China.


Presently BLACK VINYL is:

  • Acknowledged as one of the leaders in the creation of men’s and teenagers’ outwear collections in various fashion styles ranging from classic to trendy;
  •  A reliable network of customers in 11 countries and more than 160 cities around the world;
  • Privately owned design studios and manufacturing facilities;
  • An international team of professionals and associates;
  • The best price to quality ratio.



After 10 years of producing down products for leading Chinese and Japanese companies, Black Vinyl decided to expand the sphere of company`s activities and enter the European market.

An international team of new and well-seasoned designers with many progressive and fashionable ideas engaged in the creation of the first collections for European customers.

In the beginning, BLACK VINYL positioned itself as a manufacturer of Classic outerwear collections only. These collections were distinguished for their perfect fits, high quality fabrics, and the traditional styles of the coats and jackets.

The formula for success and rapid growth of BLACK VINYL was a combination of the ability to continuously provide the customers with styles that were individually designed for their specific markets and our dedication to professionalism and commitment to customer service excellence.



Forty percent of all our coats and jackets in every seasonal collection are designed in the City Classic Style.  This style established the brand as a leader in the men’s outerwear fashion industry in Asia.

Another 40% of the seasonal collections are designed in the Casual Style. Jackets of this collection allow modern young men to stay abreast of the latest trends in fashion without sacrificing comfort in a busy city.

The last 20% of our collection is designed in Active Sports Style. This collection is indispensable for men who lead an active life.

Our product assortment and range of sizes have been increased to include clothes for teenagers and big and tall men.  At present BLACK VINYL is creating stylish collections specifically for teenagers, and also for the men bigger than size 58.


The main advantage of our company is that we have privately owned factories which are dedicated to producing quality garments in a timely manner.

Our production is distinguished for the modern equipment, newest technologies, quality materials (fabrics, accessories), and very experienced specialists who manage the entire process from start to finish.

Private design studios quickly and accurately design templates for new models that provide the ideal fit.

It is our private production which gives BLACK VINYL the competitive edge in manufacturing.

- We guarantee that the production for our wholesale clients is on schedule.

- It is easy for us to monitor the quality at each stage of production.

- The relation between the price and quality is maximized because there are no intermediaries.

We are always ready to fill back orders for the best models of the season.


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